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Customer Acquisition

An increasingly crowded market means you have to work harder than ever to stand out from the pack. Even if you’ve created the most innovative product or service, it’s crucial that you distinguish your brand in a way that’s relevant and compelling for your audience.

Koski can help you understand your target customers deeply—what motivates them, what they want, what they need—so you can connect with them and create experiences that don’t just generate sales, but create legions of loyal customers.

We work with both consumer and B2B companies and have particularly deep experience in the financial services industry.

Client Stories

Defining The Right Path To Smart Investing

Understanding the path to purchase is important for any business, but for financial companies selling complex and highly personal services, it’s absolutely crucial. Our client, an international financial services firm, knew referrals and recommendations played an important role in attracting and converting prospects, but they wanted to dig deeper and find out what more they could do to reach them at all points along the path.

Through multiple phases of research that focused on the interplay between the customers’ emotional triggers and their behaviors, we were able to map the exact steps in their decision-making process. We then created an action plan of ways the client could engage with their customers on a more personal and emotional level at every stage. Our study was one of the largest the company had ever undertaken and its impact was tremendous, driving a multitude of successful initiatives including a website redesign and revamped sales and marketing programs.

Our study drove a multitude of successful initiatives, including a website redesign and revamped marketing program.


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