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Program Effectiveness Measurement

It’s said that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And today, with so many marketing touchpoints vying for your brand’s resources, it’s more important than ever to measure the impact each channel is having on your bottom line.

Using our proprietary methodologies, we conduct quantitative studies to track KPIs over time and give you a complete picture of how well your programs are engaging your customers. We measure what people know about your brand, what they believe, and what actions they take, all in the context of what’s going on in the marketplace around you.

We then interpret our findings in a way that makes it easy for you to take action, including interactive dashboards where you can monitor key programs in real-time and other tools and recommendations that change and opportunities for shifting resources to have the greatest impact on your business.

Client Stories

Generating Positivity In A Politically Charged Atmosphere

In the politically sensitive energy and utilities market, reputations hang in the balance every day. So when a polarized political climate threatened the reputation of a major energy company, they came to Koski.

We designed and executed a weekly tracking study among their key stakeholders—residential and business customers—to measure perceptions in real time and with a 360° view: awareness and familiarity, overall reputation evaluation, ratings on specific corporate attributes, and things like whether recall of ads or stories changed opinions about the company.

The company used our dynamic research results to make informed, strategic decisions about how best to communicate with their audience, putting them in a proactive, rather than reactive, mode and giving them the power to manage their reputation.

Our real-time research results empower this company to make strategic and proactive communications decisions.


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