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A Rebrand With A Positive Focus

For nearly 100 years, this trusted health care organization had been providing vital services and education for women in the U.S.—and around the world. But as the healthcare landscape and their audience demographics started to shift more quickly, they needed to find a new way communicate the important work they were doing.

We conducted consumer research that revealed a much more positive image for the organization than the public image created by news channels led us to believe. We found opportunities for them to raise awareness about the breadth of the services they provide, as well as spread the news of their global impact on women’s health. Using our findings, the organization’s agency created an award-winning marketing and advertising campaign that put the spotlight on the company’s comprehensive set of services for diverse communities, their compassionate approach, and their trusted leadership.

Using our findings, the organization created an award-winning marketing and advertising campaign.

Defining The Right Path To Smart Investing

Understanding the path to purchase is important for any business, but for financial companies selling complex and highly personal services, it’s absolutely crucial. Our client, an international financial services firm, knew referrals and recommendations played an important role in attracting and converting prospects, but they wanted to dig deeper and find out what more they could do to reach them at all points along the path.

Through multiple phases of research that focused on the interplay between the customers’ emotional triggers and their behaviors, we were able to map the exact steps in their decision-making process. We then created an action plan of ways the client could engage with their customers on a more personal and emotional level at every stage. Our study was one of the largest the company had ever undertaken and its impact was tremendous, driving a multitude of successful initiatives including a website redesign and revamped sales and marketing programs.

Our study drove a multitude of successful initiatives, including a website redesign and revamped marketing program.

Generating Positivity In A Politically Charged Atmosphere

In the politically sensitive energy and utilities market, reputations hang in the balance every day. So when a polarized political climate threatened the reputation of a major energy company, they came to Koski.

We designed and executed a weekly tracking study among their key stakeholders—residential and business customers—to measure perceptions in real time and with a 360° view: awareness and familiarity, overall reputation evaluation, ratings on specific corporate attributes, and things like whether recall of ads or stories changed opinions about the company.

The company used our dynamic research results to make informed, strategic decisions about how best to communicate with their audience, putting them in a proactive, rather than reactive, mode and giving them the power to manage their reputation.

Our real-time research results empower this company to make strategic and proactive communications decisions.

Revolutionizing How People Pay In The Digital Economy

At this point, most people are comfortable making online purchases with established e-commerce sites. But a major payments company wanted to learn how people felt about paying back, lending to or borrowing from friends and family online.

Koski created a robust global study of more than 4,000 people to explore their behaviors and attitudes toward money and the different payment options they prefer when doing peer-to-peer transactions.

The company not only got deep insights into what motivates people in the digital and mobile payments space, the study generated significant coverage in major media outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, PC Magazine, Tech Times, and more.

This study generated significant coverage in major media outlets: U.S. News & World Report, PC Magazine, Tech Times and more.

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