October 31, 2016

Clinton or Trump: Who is more ENGAGED?

You may be one of the many Americans who cannot wait for this election cycle to be over.  Beyond all the noise, are the candidates really positively engaging the public?

The short answer is: No.

According to our latest Engagement IQ, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have the lowest engagement scores of any public figures we have studied.  On an indexed scale from +100 to -100, Secretary Clinton’s score of 8.2 and Mr. Trump’s score of 0.0.  These compare unfavorably with a number of other public figures measured: Ellen Degeneres had a high score of 46.1.  Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders had scores hovering around 25.

  • Donald Trump’s score has improved since first measured–prior to entering the race. In January 2014, his index score was -20.2. In May 2016, this had improved to -5.2 and now at a flat 0.
  • Hillary Clinton’s score also has improved since May 2016 when it was -2.6.

When we look at the individual metrics that make up the Engagement IQ, we start to see where Engagement falls flat…or down.  These metrics show how deeply divided the American people are about the major two candidates on the brink of the election.  In addition, Americans are more likely to select negative attributes than positive ones for both candidates.  How each candidate is characterized is summarized below:

Table Likeability Traits 1


On a more emotional level, our research reveals that neither candidate has tapped into key positive emotions of the electorate.

Clinton Trump emotions


And who will win? According to this research, if the Presidential election were held today, Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump in a four way race by just 2 percentage points (46% to 44%), a statistical dead heat.

No matter how large or narrow the margin of victory is, engagement will be key.


About This Survey: Koski surveyed 1,031 Americans online from October 18 — October 19 2016.  The survey took place after the third presidential debate and also shows that Gary Johnson would garner 8% of the vote and Jill Stein just 2%.

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