December 22, 2017

The Future of Money: People are Thinking Digitally

From new product launches, to the growing population of mobile apps and wallets, we’ve seen a lot of change this year when it comes to the financial industry.  In our own research among consumers in our Future of Money Study, we have seen how much is changing.  Our most popular posts this year have been about the consumer mindset around money and how the younger Gen Z and Millennial generations approach money.

In our latest wave of the Future of Money Study in October, we dug even further into the consumer mindset around money and how it’s changing.

Digital Access to Finances is Popular
People want digital access to finances


What we found: the consumer mindset around money is going digital.  Forty percent of the general population say they prefer to manage their money digitally as much as possible, and this increases to half (50%) of Millennials.  In contrast, Boomers still lean toward non-digital money management, with 33% of Boomers preferring not to manage their money digitally (vs. 16% for the general population).

2018 will be another dynamic year in the money space, and we look forward to sharing more insights from our Future of Money Study to increase our collective understanding of the money mindset.

From all of us at Koski Research we wish you a great holiday and a happy new year!

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