November 4, 2016

The Joy Void in This Election

For all of history there have been conflicts among generations.  The current election cycle proves the adage.  Older generations — Boomers and Matures — lean more toward Donald Trump and younger generations lean more toward Hillary Clinton.  Both without joy in their hearts.


The Joy Void is being filling by fear, with the youngest of those surveyed (Gen Z 16-18 year olds) having the highest fear factor.


Maybe Hunter S. Thompson had it right, “There is no such thing as paranoia.  Your worst fear can come true at any moment.”

We shall see on November 8.

**Gen Z is defined as 16-18 year olds; Millennials as 19-35 year olds; Gen X as 36-51 year olds, and Matures as 71+ year olds.

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