September 28, 2017

What’s Your Engagement IQ?

Maximizing brand engagement is more challenging today than ever.  The goal is to create messages that resonate with your target—Boomers to Gen Z, CEOs to recent college grads, HNW to middle-America. But how can you break through the noise to create messages that pack the right punch to drive engagement?

The challenge is real in a world where building engagement is key.  How the public engages with your brand emotionally and behaviorally has an immediate and long-term impact on business results, and yet few communicators currently measure that engagement.

To provide companies with a tool to help measure engagement in this dynamic environment, we developed the Engagement IQ—an innovative tool designed specifically to measure four key components of omni-channel engagement: likeability, postability, lunchability, and readability.

Much more than just a measurement tool, the Engagement IQ is built to diagnose communication gaps, improve message platforms, and deliver much needed insights on which messages increase engagement and how.

The Engagement IQ goes beyond traditional reputation, brand, or customer loyalty measures by providing a clear and specific snapshot of how messages are engaging the public and your audience. It illustrates how dialing up or dialing down a particular message will impact engagement. The Engagement IQ is your tool to actively prioritize specific messages, drive greater engagement and, ultimately, impact the success of your business.

If you’re looking for a way to up your game in a world that rethinks traditional reputation management and goes beyond the silo of social media, it’s time to ask: Is your brand engaged?

Boost Your Engagement IQ

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