September 23, 2016

Why Dashboards Now?

Dashboards have increased in popularity in the past several years due to technological advances and greater demand from stakeholders. Some of you are already using them, and some of you might be wondering if you should.  We took an interest in dashboards because we wanted to provide more visually compelling results to clients. Dashboards do that and more.

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Dashboards serve several needs for you and your stakeholders. Here are just a few reasons dashboard conversion could be the perfect fit.

lightbulb clearSimple visual story—convey results with powerful visuals that are based on information design principles rather than basic charts and graphs




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Faster results—provide immediate answers and quicker report turnaround times




Reporting ClearOngoing reportingupdate and distribute tracking study results and other critical ongoing data




 People Arrow clearAccess—provide multiple stakeholders with simple access to key data sets




 Target clearBudget— reduce costs compared to traditional manual reporting/PowerPoint decks 




Want to learn more? Come see us presenting with our client Charles Schwab at the CRC in San Francisco on September 28th at 9:45AM.  Hope to see you there!  During a lively one hour conversation we’ll be covering when you might want to convert to a dashboard, how best to do it, and how to identify and engage stakeholders.

We’re pretty passionate about data visualization and dashboards and if you can’t make the conference send us an email at and let’s start the conversation.

For more information about the CRC, visit the website or about Koski Research’s presentation click here.

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